Course Descriptions
Our 2014 Class Schedule
Class of April 2014
NRA Certified to teach 30 hours of pistol training
Lone Pine Firearms Training for the Quad City area including Moline, Coal Valley, Colona

Illinois Concealed Carry Training
Illinois State Police certified instructor
Jauary 2014
What's New
Safety tips - worn holster may cause discharge 2-11-14
Prior Military Notice - If you plan to use your DD214 for the first 8 hours you will be required to pass a 10 question test followed by a gun handling test.
Gun News - LAPD female cop road rage with finger on the trigger
Gun News - 1936 LA County Sheriff's shooting team 3-23-14
Gun News - Doubling size of the shooting shelter
PPOTH description page - Training Video 4/2/14
Due to other states not having the same mental health laws concerning concealed carry as Illinois, citizens of other states cannot get an Illinois non resident CCW license.

April 2014

Enlarged & improved range
Personal Protection outside the Home - Basic - Sunday 14th 8 - 5 / $125 ONLY 4 SEATS REMAINING
Basic Rifle Saturday 4th 8am
Personal Protection outside the Home - Advanced - Saturday 27th 1pm - 6pm $50 - Starts late for low light shooting - 5 seats remaining
CC laws and more at your finger tips, not on a CD. This notebook is free with our CCL Class 34 pages of information
Illinois Concealed Carry including NRA Basic Pistol This is a 16 hour 2 day class Saturday the 20th 8 to 5 and the next day, Sunday 21 8 to 5 --- Class is limited to 8 students.
Kansas Concealed Carry - Saturday 11th at 8am
This is a 9 hour class Saturday the 20th 8 to 5--- Class is limited to 6 students. This is for Kansas residents only.
Kansas Certified Instructor