Course Descriptions
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Concealed Carry Classes for the Quad City area including Moline, Coal Valley, Colona
July 2015
Prior Military Notice - If you plan to use your DD214 for the first 8 hours you will be required to pass a 10 question test followed by a gun handling test. If you fail the tests your deposit will not be refunded. You may stay and complete the days training then return in the future for the first 8 hours of training.
Due to other states not having the same mental health laws concerning concealed carry as Illinois, citizens of other states cannot get an Illinois non resident CCL license.
CC laws and more, 39 pages at your finger tips, not on a CD. This notebook is free with our CCL Class
Now includes IA CCW law
March 2016
IL Concealed Carry 2nd 8 hours - Saturday the 23rd. Price $100. Price includes lunch and drinks. Start time 8am. IL FOID card required. No aluminum or steel cased ammuniton allowed.
Our IL CCL class includes NRA Basic Pistol training, book, NRA certificate, IL State Police certificate and 39 page notebook with IL & IA concealed carry laws.
NRA Basic Pistol - Saturday 18th. Start time 8am. This is also
the first 8 hours of the IL Concealed Carry License class. Price $120.
IL CCL 2nd 8 hours - Sunday 19th. Start time 8am. Price $100. Be sure to signup for Basic Pistol, it is the first 8 hours.

No aluminum or steel cased ammuniton allowed.

Coming - NRA Defensive Pistol